This past Friday Alisa Bangerter informed that she had selected The Posh Event to be featured in a segment about printable parties on NBC affiliate KSL Studio 5 Morning Show in Salt Lake City, Utah I was beyond excited and truly honored! I have to admit that I also screamed like a little girl, texted, facebooked, and made phone calls to spread the word. Oh yes, I am one cool person! Today my stomach was in knots waiting to get the link from the show to see the spot. I love my products and am very proud of them, but will everyone else feel the same way? I knew that the show was to air at 11am and I was on their site at 11:30am hoping to see everything posted but then it hit me, Utah isn't in the same time zone as Ohio! So more waiting! Finally the link was up and I could press play, only that my sound on my computer wasn't working. I fiddled and played with my computer connections and was unsuccessful. So I had to watch it without sound. Haha, this is just how things work for me.
Once I was able to watch with sound I was pretty happy and at the same time really impressed. I was among some great talent! They did a nice job at showing the products and setting up different events with them. I particularly loved when the host of Studio 5 Brook Walker said that "The name (The Posh Event) says it all" That may have to be my new tag line. They seemed particularly impressed with the boxes and the simplicity to put them together. That was so nice to hear. I was happy how Alisa mentioned how she liked that I sell my items ala carte. This is quite important to me that people can purchase the smallest of details or go all out. I want to make sure that my customers have as many options as I can possibly offer. All together it was such a great day in my own crazy way! I really feel as though a lot of my hard work and long hours are starting to pay off. My husband came home with a bouquet of flowers and a huge hug to celebrate. I don't know what I would do without his support and love. I was happy to know that he felt that this was a reward to him as well. I really am blessed to have such amazing family, friends, and community!
I look forward to sharing more with you in upcoming blog posts. I have such huge plans! Maybe my plan of being a business woman featured on Oprah back when I was 7 will still come true! Aim High as "they" say!!!
Big Hugs,
You can see more about what they wrote on their site KSL 5 Studio 5
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